2019 Wedgwood Carnival is Almost Here!

by Jenny Puckett, Carnival Chair

One of Wedgwood’s most popular events is around the corner! It’s almost carnival time and we’re making some changes this year, so whether this is your first or fifth carnival, read on to learn what your family can expect to see on the playground this year.

Q. What new rides or activities are planned this year?

We have a great new ballistic swing ride as well as a super long inflatable obstacle course! We’re also including some really fun and unique midway games like pool noodle javelin, water balloon bash, squirt gun squeeze and ladder toss. Kids can earn tickets in these games and spend them at the prize table! We’re also expanding the dessert dash (formerly “cake walk”) to include any kind of dessert – no cakes or baking skills required!

This is Wedgwood’s biggest kid-centered event of the year – please considering volunteering some of your time to keep this event going. We cannot do this without you!

Q. Is there anything for younger kids, or those who prefer quieter activities?

Of course! We’ll have a great craft area in the playcourt as well as a quiet area in the library. This year our featured craft is “I Am Wedgwood,” where students can create their own flag celebrating their identity. These will be strung together to be hung in the lunchroom to remind us all that we all bring something unique to our Wedgwood community, and we all belong.

Q. How do you decide what to include?

In an ideal world we’d have it all! During the planning phase, we consider the needs of all the students at Wedgwood – some of our older or more adventurous kids like bigger rides (Ballistic swings!) but we also have younger kids, or younger siblings, who may prefer a little less action (Obstacle course! Midway games! Dessert dash!) or a quiet place to get away from the action (Playcourt & library!). And all the rest is a little something for everyone – I mean, who doesn’t like a prize cart and sno cone??

Q. What food will be available?

We’ve very pleased to be partnering with Skooder’s hot dog truck to be providing FREE (yes, free!) hot dogs to Wedgwood families at the event. As always we’ll have free popcorn and our ever-popular sno cones! Ezell’s Famous Fried Chicken and a wonderful ice cream truck will be vending as well.

Q. No tickets are required this year. So it’s free?

A goal of the Wedgwood PTA is to remove ticket sales from all family events in the 2019-2020 school year, eliminating the extra expense for families. As we work toward this goal, this year we eliminated entry fees for the fall dance and are seeking donations for the upcoming carnival to offset some of the expense. We are asking every family who is able to contribute to donate a suggested minimum of $20 per family. This will help offset roughly $4,000 in uncovered expenses for the carnival. Our approved 2019-2020 budget already accounts for no tickets or donations for all events as costs will be offset through general fundraising throughout the year. Use this link to make your donation today!

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