LEVIES UPDATE: Two important education levies on the Feb 12, 2019 Ballot

by Amalia Margaret

On your Feb 12, 2019 ballot, you will see two important education levies, which are set to expire in 2019. Your Wedgwood Elementary PTA has endorsed a yes vote and contributed $1000 from the PTA budget toward SchoolsFirst to help support the levy campaign. Thank you for taking the time to read more about these important measures.

Proposition 1: The educational programs and operations levy (EP&O) levy bridges the funding gap for critical support staff such as nurses, librarians, counselors, family support workers, and more.

Proposition 2: The building excellence levy (BEX V) will provide our students with healthier and safer buildings and improved technology.

Want the quick version of this information? Watch this video.

You can help support the levies passage on Feb 12th by:

  • Voting yes! Click here to register to vote; you may vote online, by mail or in-person.

  • Telling your friends to vote

  • Printing and displaying a poster

Neither Levy is new! The following figure shows how taxes will remain near current levels if the levies are both funded.


You can read more at The Stranger newspaper and the Seattle Times. Written by leaders of Washington’s Paramount Duty, the Stranger published an opinion piece supporting the levies (the content of the article is relevant and important; but this is the Stranger, and sidebar articles can contain inappropriate content). The piece explains how the Seattle Times editorials may have misrepresented the urgent need for the levies at this time.

You can always find the latest news on legislative actions from the WA State PTA advocacy page: To join the 2018-2019 WWE PTA as legislative representative, contact: Amalia Magaret.

Amalia Margaret is a Wedgwood mom and serves on the Wedgwood PTA Board as the Legislative Liaison.