Announcement: 2019-20 PTA Openings -- We have one for YOU!

By Ann Grodnik

Want to meet other Wedgwood families? Exercise your skills and share your perspectives? Be part of the conversations that shape our community and PTA priorities? There is a place for you on our PTA Board and/or events!

The PTA Board oversees the budget, priorities, community building and supplemental programming at Wedgwood throughout the school year. Each year we recruit for over 200 volunteer positions. These come in all shapes and sizes. Some require day time work, some evening work. Some require coordination with others, some are independent. Some are one-time events, some are year-long.

Our PTA Board meets regularly during the school year on the second Monday of the month. Many already have people fulfilling the second year of their term, so it’s a great chance to start up with a partner for support. We encourage everyone to consider participating; it’s a supportive, fun and flexible group, and we are grateful to those who choose to volunteer their time!

PTA Board Roles

The PTA positions are two-year roles, and generally have two people on a staggered schedule sharing the duties. The amount of work varies depending on the position, the time of year, and the role-sharing situation. Our open positions for the 2019-2020 school year are as follows:

  • Communications Co-Chair: Directs PTA communications, ensuring that the community is kept informed of PTA events, opportunities and needs. Provides focus, streamlines, enhances and acts a resource for all PTA-related communications, including the Wedgwood Weekly, the PTA website, and all-school email communications.

  • Diversity & Inclusion: Leads diversity, inclusion, and equity efforts on behalf of the PTA, ensuring that Wedgwood is representing its communities. Consults with and supports school staff, faculty, and leadership in developing and acting upon meaningful D&I priorities.

  • Facilities: Leads PTA-funded efforts to maintain and improve school facilities.

  • Garden Co-Chair: Liaises between Wedgwood’s Garden Coordinator, volunteers and school and district personnel. Recruits volunteers, helps to plan, and advocates for fund-raising garden upkeep and maintenance as well as garden events.

  • Legislative: Keeps track of national, state, and local PTA legislative concerns, reporting them to the Board and general membership at meetings and via the Wedgwood Weekly newsletter.

  • Secretary: Collects information for meeting agendas, prior to the meeting, and distributes agendas for each board meeting. Takes minutes and records business transacted at each meeting (board and general meetings). Keeps an accurate, concise, permanent record of proceedings at all PTA board and general meetings.

  • Special Needs Liaison: Represents Special Education and acts as a voice for this community. Shares information with the board and general membership. Ensures that efforts are made by the PTA to promote school events that are inclusive to students of all abilities.

  • Treasurer (2 positions): Collects money for PTA functions, dispenses money for PTA expenses, maintains all accounts and records, provides monthly reports and projections at PTA meetings and files all tax forms. Serves as chair of the budget/finance committee and presents the budget to the membership.

  • Vice President: Oversees the annual fundraising campaign for the following year’s budget and chairs the PTA fundraising committee. Provides a backstop and support for the President. Transitions to President role in late Spring.

  • Events: Recruits events chairs and event volunteers as needed for PTA sponsored events. Maintains a roster of current volunteers, plans volunteer appreciation events. Provides focus and acts as a resource for event chairs through the planning process.

  • Event Leads: We are always looking for new ideas, new approaches to our community building and fundraising events. You can read about all the events made possible by the PTA here. If you’re interested in leading or just being part of any of these events, please contact Events Chair Chantel Anderson at

Curious? Ready to dive in? Please consider any or all of the following:

— Attend a PTA Meeting; find our schedule here to simply visit and listen in. Next meeting is Monday, March 11 at 6:30pm in the Wedgwood Elementary School Library.

— Contact any existing board member or incoming PTA President Ann Grodnik at

Ann Grodnik