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Greetings Marmots!  

“Welcome to Wedgwood! Our PTA and our crew of volunteers are made up of parents and guardians like you -- people who don't have extra time to spare, but who find ways to make it work. We strive to build a Wedgwood community that supports our students, our educators, and our school staff so that they can grow and learn.”

- PTA President, Ann Grodnik

Vision and Mission Statement

Our Vision

The Wedgwood PTA's vision is to bridge the relationship between our school and our families by engaging and empowering our community to support our students in achieving their full potential.

Our Mission

The Wedgwood PTA is committed to:

  • Promoting activities that enhance the joy and well-being of Wedgwood students and staff in a way that complements and enriches our excellent learning environment;

  • Advocating on behalf of students, staff, families and the school;

  • Building community within the school, and enriching the relationship between the school, families, and the wider community; and

  • Encouraging the community's investment of time, energy and financial support into Wedgwood Elementary.

These statements drive the PTA’s decision making in the various functions that the PTA serves at Wedgwood. Importantly, it is our desire that our vision and mission complement and work in conjunction with the vision, mission of Wedgwood Elementary.

The following Programs and Events are made possible by our mighty PTA Community:

As we continually build upon our “neighborhood,” know that the Wedgwood PTA is an integral part of our community.  The following programs and events are supported through the PTA community via volunteer support and financial resources:

Where do your fundraised PTA dollars go?

2019-20; Not all categories of PTA support are reflected in the above.

Community Building through a variety of family events and school activities:

  • Summer Playdates

  • Kindergarten Pizza Social

  • Harvest Festival

  • Fall Dance

  • Cultural Festival

  • Science Fair

  • Carnival

  • Diversity and Inclusion Committee

  • School Directory

  • Scholarship Fund

Resources that compliment our excellent learning environment:

  • Staff Grants

  • Technology Curriculum

  • Building Maintenance

  • Instrumental Music

  • Disaster Preparedness

Enrichment, as directed by classroom teachers, led by PTA members:

  • Art Docent Program

  • Garden Development & Maintenance Program

 Fundraising that makes all this (and more) possible: 

Please reference the calendar page for specific dates of the above mentioned events.  If you would like to learn more about volunteering for these efforts, please contact us at: